Canmore Massage Therapy : Mindful Massage Therapy

Therapeutic, Deep tissue and Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation, sports and prenatal massage in Canmore, Alberta. Registered Massage Therapists with a minimum of 2200hrs.

How early should I arrive before my appointment? If you are new to Mindful Massage Therapy and you haven't filled out our online intake form please arrive 5 minutes early. During the weekends, holidays and market Thursdays  it may be tricky to find parking, allow 10-15 minutes to find street parking.

Where can I park? Street parking is available in front and behind the building and on 7th Avenue. There is a free parking lot behind the Canmore Info Centre on 7th Avenue. Canmore is a busy place, please allow plenty of time before your appointment to find parking.

What should I wear for my massage? For your massage undress to your comfort level. We are professional and will keep all private areas covered with professional draping. Feel free to wear shorts or underwear.

I feel achy and sore and might be coming down with a cold will massage help? No, a massage can actually make you feel worse. Massage increases circulation and lymphatic flow making it harder for you to fight off a bug.

Mindful Massage is fully booked, what can I do? We have a waiting list! You can call us at 403-675-7778, email us or sign onto the online booking and put your name on our waiting list.

What is the ideal pressure? This changes for every person depending on your treatment goals. Your therapist will check in with you throughout treatment to make sure the pressure is dialed in.  The treatment is about you, don't be afraid to ask for more or less pressure.

Is my appointment confidential? Yes, the appointment and anything you share in the treatment room is confidential.

What should I do after my massage treatment? Drink plenty of water and stretch. If you feel like an EASY walk or run this compliments a massage. You may also feel like having a warm bath with a cup of tea.