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Therapeutic, Deep tissue and Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation, sports and prenatal massage in Canmore, Alberta. Registered Massage Therapists with a minimum of 2200hrs.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is geared towards every kind of athlete, from Olympic and World class level athletes to a weekend skier, climber, runner or mountain bike enthusiast. Sports massage targets specific areas that get overused  and stressed with the demands of an activity, this changes with each sport. Sports massage will target these specific areas to promote recovery and performance.

Many athletes find massage helps to improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, it reduces soreness and fatigue, speeding up the recovery process for the next workout or race. Regular massage can reduce injury and promotes tissue healing if an injury has occurred. 

Anyone training or competing in sport can benefit from a Sports massage every week or two. Talk with one of our professional therapists to find a plan that works for you and your budget.

It’s not recommended to get a massage the day before your big race, this may leave you feeling sluggish. For optimal performance book a massage 3-4 days out from your big event.

For optimal recovery book a post race massage within 24hrs of your event. Massage will help flush out lactic acid, increase blood flow and reduce DOM’s.

We are proud to be the massage home for the Canadian Cross Country and Biathlon Ski Teams!

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