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Therapeutic, Deep tissue and Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation, sports and prenatal massage in Canmore, Alberta. Registered Massage Therapists with a minimum of 2200hrs.


Prenatal Massage

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Fairly self explanatory, this massage is for expectant moms.

Yes, we have belly pillows! This allows expectant moms the stomach time they crave, while providing support and avoiding pressure on the baby. Belly cushions can be used in the first two trimesters, or until comfort allows. Side-lying pillows will be used if you are in your third trimester. Side-lying massage is a great way to target tight hips low back pain and tired leg! Prenatal massage will help move excess swelling in your legs and feet. If you are feeling restless a massage will relax you and set you up for a good night of sleep.

It's important to let your therapist now if you are expecting. We will keep it confidential and adjust your treatment accordingly.

Book your prenatal massage with Jodi, Nim or Nancy today!

Post Natal Massage is equally important to target area's of tension caused from breast feeding and carrying your new prize! Book a treatment with any of our therapists to offset those tight shoulders and low backs.

Did you have a C-section? Once the scar is fully healed it’s important to come in for some scar massage. A tight scar can pull on your low back and hips creating pain. Scar massage will decrease this tension, the scar will become thinner, softer and may reduce in size.