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Temporomandibular Joint Massage

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Temporomandibular Joint...heck that's a mouthful. Otherwise known as TMJ.

Made up of two separate joints the TMJ connects your jaw bone to your skull, they are found right in front of your ears. Working as a unit the TMJ opens and closes your jaw, so, if one side is tight it directly effects the other side. This tug-a-war creates wear and tear on the joint cartilage and discs which over the long-term causes degeneration and pain.

Have you ever had...

  1. Whiplash?

  2. Trauma to the head or neck?

  3. Extensive dental work?

  4. Stress?

  5. Poor posture?

  6. A gum chewing habit?

These could lead to the following TMJ symptoms…

  1. Jaw pain

  2. Jaw popping

  3. Jaw clicking

  4. Jaw clenching

  5. Teeth grinding

  6. Ringing in the ears

  7. Toothaches

  8. Nausea

Mindful Massage can help!

The treatment

Our therapists will assess and treat tight muscles throughout your neck and jaw relieving tension and decompressing the TMJ. Our therapists are trained to work on muscles inside your mouth, latex-free gloves will be worn and our therapists will work within your pain and comfort levels. Not all TMJ treatments require internal work, so if this is not for you let us know before our hands are in your mouth!

What can you do at home?

  1. Stretches and self-massage techniques for your neck and jaw muscles provided by our Therapists.

  2. Focused deep breathing to increase relaxation.

  3. Kick that gum chewing habit.

  4. Keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth with your teeth not touching is a trick to stop you from clenching.

Jodi, Nim, Nancy, and Annie are all trained in intra-oral TMJ massage. Book your TMJ treatment today!